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Unclaimed property

Desjardins Insurance has policies and procedures in place to locate and notify owners of unclaimed property in its possession.

What is unclaimed property?

Amounts due, cash, securities or other property held in client accounts become unclaimed property under certain circumstances.

After reasonable efforts have been made to locate and notify the owners of such property, the property is deemed to be unclaimed.

Questions or comments?

If you believe Desjardins Insurance holds any unclaimed property in your name, or for any question relating to unclaimed property, we invite you to contact us at 1-866-647-5013 This link will launch your default phone software..

Glossary, search tools, calculators, tooltips and FAQ

The glossary, search tools, calculators, tooltips and FAQ are available for non-commercial use only. Use of the tools to sell a product or service or to increase traffic to a website is prohibited.

The definitions contained in the glossary and the tooltips are for reference purposes only and are intended to be general in nature. They have no contractual value and may differ from the definitions in a contract. Each insurance contract includes specific definitions of the terms used in it. Individuals must refer solely to the terms and conditions of the applicable agreement governing it to establish their rights and obligations thereunder.

Desjardins Insurance does not guarantee search tool results.

Likewise, calculations or projected results are provided for general illustrative purposes only and are not guaranteed to be accurate or complete, being based on hypotheses. The default values are provided for illustrative purposes only and solely as a reference. You must use them only as guides or estimates.

Answers in the FAQ section and those transmitted to website visitors who send in questions are for reference purposes only. They have no legal value and are not binding. Consult your representative, accountant, or lawyer, who will review the facts as they apply to you and formulate a personalized response.

Secure sections

Notwithstanding the foregoing disclaimer as to the accuracy of this site's content and its information purposes, Desjardins Insurance offers the possibility of using secure sections of the site to perform certain transactions.

In addition to the foregoing statement regarding passwords, these sections have their own procedure for assigning the user ID and password required to access them.

  • Individual insurance – Your account secure section
  • Group insurance secure sections for:
    • plan members
    • administrators
  • Group retirement savings secure sections for:
    • plan members
    • plan sponsors
  • Webi secure section for independent representatives
  • Secure information exchange for clients and partners


Any unprotected email communication is subject to possible interception or loss, and is also subject to possible alteration. Desjardins Insurance is not responsible for and will not be liable to you or anyone else for damages resulting from interception, loss, or alteration in connection with an email sent by you to Desjardins Insurance or an email sent by Desjardins Insurance to you.

In the case of the Individual network extranet (Webi) for representatives of Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network and SFL Partner of Desjardins Financial Security, a webmail is integrated to the secure site. Any communications via this email has identification connecting it to the distribution network and, whether it is to be circulated internally or externally, it must be drafted in accordance with the rules and regulations which directly or indirectly govern the distribution of financial products and services and the protection of personal information, notably, the rules concerning ethical issues and the exercising of your duties as a representative. In this respect, you may not use the email placed at your disposal for illegal or reprehensible activities, notably large volumes of unsolicited material (spamming), criticisms or defamation, invasion of privacy, chain letters, pyramid schemes, etc.

Control over use

A log is kept to record events that relate to security or that warrant verification, or for statistical purposes. This log may contain all accesses to the site or its various sections, all communications sent or received by a user (in the case of email integrated in the site), as well as any other activity related to the site.

Desjardins Insurance has access to the communications sent or received through the site, and may access said communications if it has reason to believe that a law has been broken or if the site's Terms of Use have been violated.

Updating of Legal Notice and Terms of Use

This notice will be updated and modified from time to time without any notice. Accordingly, whenever you access the website, ensure that you check this notice.

Moreover, Desjardins Insurance may at any time shut down the Individual network extranet (Webi) or a user's access without prior notice.

Note: This Legal Notice also covers Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc. (also known as SFL Investments); its affiliated companies; their officers, directors, agents, representatives and employees; and any other persons associated with the creation of this site.