Éléna Simard-Veilleux

Vice-President and Executive Sponsor, Wealth Management and Life and Health Insurance Modernization Programs

Éléna Simard-Veilleux 


Oversee IT infrastructure modernization for Wealth Management and Life and Health Insurance (WMLHI)

  • Strengthen, simplify and modernize the IT ecosystem
  • See to the successful execution and completion of modernization programs in collaboration with various partners
  • Advise on transformation and modernization issues


Éléna Simard-Veilleux completed a bachelor of business administration (2007) and graduate-level studies in accounting (2010). She has also held the CPA auditor and Chartered Accountant designations since 2010.

After working for an accounting firm and a publicly traded company, Éléna joined Desjardins Insurance in 2017, taking on various management positions in strategic program governance, technology and information security.

In 2021, she was appointed as Director of Governance and Transformation, WMLHI Transformation Representative and Assistant Manager of the WMLHI Modernization Office.

She held these positions until the spring of 2022, when she was appointed as Vice-President and Executive Sponsor, WMLHI Modernization Programs.