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December 20, 2018 (1 min 17 s)

Our online services are among the most comprehensive on the market. Watch this short video to get a glimpse of what we have to offer.

[Image on screen: Desjardins Insurance logo]

[Background music: Light music]

[Text on screen: Are you familiar with our group insurance online services?]

Voiceover: Are you familiar with our group insurance online services?

[Text on screen: Secure online plan administration]

[Image on screen: Computer and phone next to each other. Zoom in on the screen, which displays Desjardins’ secure website.]

Voiceover: You can use our website to manage your group insurance plan, even down to the smallest details.

[Text on screen: Manage plan members’ profiles – Invoices and reports – And much more…]

[Image on screen: Zoom in on the screen where three circles appear next to each other with icons – A file, an invoice and a "+" sign]

Voiceover: Among other things, you can easily manage plan members’ benefits and profiles, review your invoices and group insurance reports, and much more.

[Text on screen: Claim 360° mobile app]

[Image on screen: Back to general view with computer and cellphone next to each other. A hand navigates the 360 app on the cellphone.]

Voiceover: And plan members can use the website and mobile app to submit claims online and access their profiles whenever they like.

[Image on screen: Three icons appear next to each other on the phone – a house, a bus and a shop.]

[Text on screen: Wherever, whenever]

Voiceover: They can take the quiz on the Health is Cool 360° platform

[Text on screen: Health is Cool 360° platform]

[Image à l’écran: Two circles appear next to each other in the middle of the screen with an icon in each one: A computer with a lock on the screen and a phone with the Health is Cool 360° logo]

Voiceover: …to get a snapshot of the state of their health and get tips to help them improve it.

[Image à l’écran: Zoom in on the computer screen. It shows the Health is Cool 360° logo and a numbered list of 8 items appears.]

[Text on screen: Personalized health tips]

[Text on screen: Drug cost simulator]

Voiceover: With the drug cost simulator, they can see whether their medication is covered, its fair price and even how much the reimbursement will be.

[Text on screen: Drug cost simulator – Drug coverage – Fair price – Reimbursement]

[Image on screen: Three icons appear one after the other- a medication bottle, a calculator with a growing number and a wallet being filled with cash.]

Voiceover: Employees can use Epsylio, an online service based on artificial intelligence that can help them find solutions to their personal or professional problems.

[Text on screen: Epsylio logo]

[Image on screen: A blurred puzzle on which the logo appears.]

[Text on screen: support for employees]

Voiceover: Online services that are simple, smart and innovative, and that meet both your needs and your plan members’ needs…

[Image on screen: 6 circles appear one after the other across the screen – In order, the following icons appear on the circles: computer with a lock on the screen, phone with the Claim 360 logo on the screen, Epsylio logo, invoice, sheet with a graph and the Health is Cool 360 logo.]

Voiceover: …will help support your company and the people who make it a success.

[Image on screen: Splitscreen in four colours. Each quarter of the screen has a different character in it: A man in a white shirt, a woman in a pink shirt and a white helmet, a woman with grey hair and a stethoscope, and a man in green overalls.]

Voiceover: Just another way we keep your best interests in mind.

[Image on screen: Two green bars appear above and below the text.]

[Text on screen: We keep your best interests in mind.]

[Image on screen: Desjardins Insurance logo]


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