Prior authorization drugs

Your health, safety and well-being are priorities for us. If you are having trouble getting the required form filled out by your treating physician, please call us at 1-844-410-6485 This link opens your default phone software..

Critical or rare illnesses often require new drugs that can cost you several thousands of dollars a year.

Your group insurance plan helps cover all or part of these costs. However, for very expensive drugs or for drugs with a high potential for misuse, you may need to get prior authorization from Desjardins Insurance – Opens a tooltip before you can be reimbursed as per your plan provisions.

Provincial drug insurance plan

If you are enrolled in a provincial drug insurance plan, please submit your claim to this plan first since it may cover this drug. If your claim is refused by your provincial drug insurance plan, please send us a copy of the notice of refusal and the form completed by your physician so that we can analyze your file.

Get prior authorization

Read our brochure (PDF, 761 KB) Opens in a new window. to learn how to get prior authorization. Then, in the list below, select the form for the drug you have been prescribed and follow the instructions.

Patient support program

Prescription drugs that fall under our patient support program are identified in the following list. The patient support program is designed to help you better manage your medical condition. It offers you many advantages, including professional support from a team of specialized pharmacists. For more information, please consult the brochure in the previous section.

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Please use the Prior Authorization Request general form (PDF, 1.1 MB) Opens in a new window. only if you are unable to find your drug in the above table.