Savings protection

Do you want to protect your personal savings while fully capturing potential financial market growth at a reasonable cost?

When you choose Helios2 – 75/75, you receive a 75% guarantee on your deposits, regardless of market downturns. The Helios2TM contract may allow you to protect your investments from creditors and makes it easier for your loved ones to receive payment in the event of death.

It’s the ideal solution for

  • Protecting your investment from market declines, at a reasonable cost
  • Providing protection from creditors, under certain conditions
  • Making life easier for your loved ones in the event of death

Why choose Helios2 – 75/75?

Prompt payment of the death benefit

In the event of the death of the life assured, your beneficiary will receive the value of your contract without having to go through probate. This is a big advantage when you compare it to the usual estate settlement process with other investment products: heirs often have to wait several months before they receive anything.

To receive prompt payment, your beneficiary must be designated using their full name. Conditions apply, including receipt of the appropriate documentation, such as the death certificate.

Protection against creditors

When a beneficiary is designated for your contract, the money you’ve deposited may be exempt from seizure if the beneficiary or beneficiaries you have designated fall into a certain category. This advantage is especially well-suited to entrepreneurs, self-employed workers and certain professionals.

Because exemption from seizure rules can be complex and vary from one province to another, please speak to a legal advisor (lawyer or notary) for an assessment of your specific situation.

Investment options

  • Investment solutions
  • Responsible investment portfolios
  • Wise ETF portfolios
  • Individual funds

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How do you sign up for Helios2 – 75/75?

Set up an appointment with an advisor right away. They will evaluate your financial needs and recommend the solution that best matches your priorities.

TM Helios2 is a trademark owned by Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company.