True stories about the high cost of cancer – Mélanie Samson

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May 31, 2012 (1 min 05 s)

"The Canadian cancer society also offers psychological support through Cancer J'écoute."

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[Situation: Mélanie Samson, cancer patient support coordinator, talks about her experience with people living with cancer and the support services provided by the Canadian Cancer Society.]

The Canadian Cancer Society provides support services to people living with cancer through Cancer J’écoute. We offer cancer information, material assistance, and financial support.

Surprising though it may be, there are still people who think they have to choose between paying money to treat their illness and to pay the bills and feed their families.

The Canadian Cancer Society also offers psychological support through Cancer J'écoute, where you can talk to or email our volunteers.

[Image: Photo of another patient named Xavier Delisle.]

[Text: "I never thought it could happen to me." Watch Xavier’s story. Website: Phone number: 1-877-747-5052 This link will launch your default phone software.. Desjardins Financial Security. Cooperating in building the future.]

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