June 2023 Edition

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Vol.13 No.06

GRS Insights

Your plan members

Regulation and compliance

The 5-second summary: The Privacy Policy has now been fully deployed. All plan members must provide their consent the next time they log on to their account via the secure site or using the Omni app.

Since June 17, plan members who enrolled in a plan before December 3, 2022, have had the new Desjardins Privacy Policy displayed when logging on to the secure site or the Omni app, and have been asked to make their choices regarding consent. It only takes a few minutes—all they have to do is follow the instructions.

If plan members have already provided their consents to another Desjardins component, their answers may already be in the My profile section of the secure site or the Omni app. In this case, the new Privacy Policy will not be displayed when logging on.

Reminder about the first phase of the rollout

Since December 3, 2022, the Privacy Policy is gradually being rolled out to new Group retirement savings (GRS) plan members, as we announced last December - This link opens in a new window.. When they enrol (online or paper), these individuals are asked to provide their consent to the collection, use and sharing of their personal information.

If you have questions about the Privacy Policy and the different consents, please refer to the Privacy Policy - This link opens in a new window. page or contact your client relationship manager or regional sales director.

How to

Investments and financial markets

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