Your payment card

  • Easy reimbursement for eligible healthcare expenses
  • Accepted across Canada by participating pharmacists, dentists and other participating healthcare professionals*
  • No forms to fill out

Processing time

  • Immediate at pharmacies, dental offices and participating healthcare professionals' offices

Eligible claims if your plan covers these expenses

Coordination of benefits

Talk to your pharmacist, dentist or participating healthcare professional for more information.

Ineligible claims

You'll need to mail in any claims for expenses that are partly reimbursable by a government program or that were incurred outside of Canada.


Image showing the front of the payment card and the information printed on it: the plan member’s name, the insurer identification number (12), the group number, the certificate number and a list of the benefits the plan member is entitled to under his plan.

Image showing the front of the payment card and the information printed on it: the phone number to contact us (1-800-263-1810), the address to access your secure site (, and the phone numbers to contact the Travel Assistance service. Canada and United States: 1-800-465-6390. Any other country (except those in the Americas): country overseas area code + 800-29-48-53-99. Any other country (collect): 514-875-9170.

How do you use your payment card?

Show your payment card to the pharmacist, dentist or participating healthcare professional, and we'll pay the portion covered by your insurance immediately. You just have to pay the difference.

Use your card when you travel!

If it's part of your plan, your healthcare coverage includes free access to our Travel Assistance service to help you resolve any problems you run into on the road.

Before incurring healthcare expenses abroad, always contact Travel Assistance as soon as possible. Our agents will guide you through the next steps to make sure your expenses will be eligible to claim. You can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The phone number is on the back of your payment card. Don't leave home without it!

Before you leave, don't forget to check your insurance plan booklet to confirm your coverage and any restrictions or exclusions that may apply.

Lost your card?

Plan member site

Log in and select Your account > Payment card. Click Print a card.

Omni app

Once you've logged in, tap the Payment card tile on the home screen. Your card will be displayed on your phone screen. Show it to your healthcare professional so they can record the information they need.

Is your card not working?

Use another method to make a claim and contact us.