Manage your list of providers

Last updated: November 16, 2018

Before you can submit a claim online, you have to sign up for direct deposit and add the provider for your healthcare service or product to your account. If the provider is already in your list, make sure their information is up to date or your claim could be denied.

Before you begin

  • Check to see if your provider has been delisted before you pay for a product or service that is covered under your plan. To view delisted providers, log in to your group insurance account, click the Tools and resources tab and consult the Resource Centre.
  • If there’s any information you can’t see or make changes to, contact the person responsible for your group insurance plan.
  1. Log on to the plan member site. Need help to register?

  2. From the home page, select Submit a claim > Online claim.

    Don’t see this option?

    That means online claims aren’t available for your plan. Select Submit a claim > Claim forms instead to find forms pre-filled with your plan information.

  3. In the online claim form, click Add/Edit next to the Provider field.

  4. In the Type of provider drop-down list , select the option that matches your claim.

    Can’t find your healthcare provider in the drop-down list?

    That means you’ll have to fill out a paper form and mail it to us. From the home page, choose Submit a claim > Claim forms to find forms pre-filled with your plan information.

  5. Complete all the required fields marked with an asterisk (*) and click Add to list. The provider should now appear on your list . To submit your online claim, click Back to claim page.

    Good to know!

    If you update your provider list from the plan member site, the changes will automatically appear in the Omni app, and vice-versa!