Submit a claim via our secure site

Last updated: November 23, 2018

You can log on to our plan member site to submit claims for most services, including vision care, dental care and services received from healthcare professionals. You can also submit drug claims online, but only if you don’t have a payment card to use at the pharmacy.

If you have a health spending account (HSA), you can also use the secure site to apply your HSA balance toward uncovered expenses.

Before you begin

  • Sign up for direct deposit. You must complete this step to be able to submit claims online.
  • If you want to submit claims on behalf of a family member, be sure to add them to your dependent list.
  • If you’re submitting a claim for a healthcare professional’s services, make sure they’re on your provider list. If not, it’s easy to add a provider.
  • What you see in your account might differ from the screens shown here, depending on your plan and the province you live in.
  1. Log on to the plan member site. Need help logging on?

  2. From the home page, select Submit a claim > Online claim.

    Don’t see this option?

    That means online claims aren’t available for your plan. Select Submit a claim > Claim forms instead to find forms pre-filled with your plan information.

  3. Read the conditions of use and click I accept.

    If you haven’t signed up for direct deposit, you’ll get a warning message at this stage. You’ll have to sign up for direct deposit to continue.

    Eligible expenses

    On the right-hand side of the screen, you’ll see a list of the healthcare expenses eligible for online claims. If you’re not sure whether an expense is eligible, check your plan booklet.

  4. Fill out the form. Click on the question mark icons for more information if you’re not sure what to enter.

    Add a provider

    If you can’t find your healthcare professional in the Provider drop-down list, add them before continuing with your claim.

  5. Click Add to claim. The expense you just entered will appear in the Claim section at the bottom of the page. Once you’ve added all the expenses you’d like to submit, click Next.

    If you’re submitting a claim for a dependent who’s also covered under another group plan and Desjardins is the second payer, be sure to enter the amount you received from the other insurance company in Amount paid by first payer . Also be sure to complete the coordination of benefits section in your dependent’s profile.

    Please note that there’s a daily dollar limit on the expenses you can claim online for each type of service . If your claim is for an amount that’s over that limit, you’ll have to send us a paper form by mail.


    Use the icons in the Actions column to delete or make changes to an expense in the Claim section.

  6. Go over your claim again to make sure everything is correct, check the box confirming you agree to our privacy policy, and click Submit.

  7. You’ll be brought to a confirmation page. Write down your confirmation number or print the page .

    Account history

    If you ever have to check a transaction you made online, you can find your entire history by going to Your account > Account history.