Plan administration and governance

​We want it to be easy for you to offer a retirement savings plan that helps you attract and retain top talent. We’re here to provide all the tools and support you need so that you can focus on running your business. We’ll also help you make sure your plan complies with the Capital Accumulation Plan Guidelines.


Our priority is your satisfaction. We’ll set everything up and provide full training so that you’re able to stay on top of your plan.

  • A dedicated team of professionals to set up and manage your plan
  • A flexible administration platform to help you reach your objectives
  • A wide selection of fund managers, giving you access to the best range of investments in the industry
  • Innovative products and services to reach all types of investors
  • A superior communication and education program designed to stimulate employee engagement
  • A multilingual call centre in Canada ready to provide advice and information


The plan sponsor services site organizes our online services into colour-coded sections:

  • Plan and participant management: Consult participant files and download reports on your plan
  • Secure data exchange: Remit contributions, transfer files and send secure messages
  • Library: Locate forms and find information on plan governance and investments
  • Message centre: Stay up-to-date on the latest news


We have a set of practices in place to make sure your plan is compliant with the Capital Accumulation Plan Guidelines External link. Opens in a new window.. We offer a fund manager monitoring program and publish regular communications about legislative issues, investments and changes to our products and services. Here’s an overview of what you’re responsible for as an employer:

  • Providing employees with ongoing information and decision-making tools for their investments
  • Ensuring that the available investment options are diversified and meet the needs of your employees based on their investor profiles
  • Offering flexibility for transferring among investment options, and making sure employees know what the default option is if they don’t make a choice
  • ​Ensuring that termination of the plan or termination of membership is done in accordance with the terms of the plan