Submit a claim

Before you make a claim

See what information you need and how to proceed before making a claim or contacting us.

Steps to follow

1. Review your coverage and its terms and conditions. Make sure that the person you're submitting the claim for was covered at the time of the accident.

2. Make sure to find the right form2.

3. Print, fill out and sign the form.

4. Gather your supporting documents.

5. Send us all the required documents.

Additional information for specific insurance categories

Claims process

1. Opening your claim

After receiving your claim, we'll check your documents and contact you by phone or by email if we need additional information or supporting documents to open your claim.

2. Analyzing your claim

We'll analyze your claim once it's complete. We'll contact you in the following days to let you know whether we've accepted, deferred or denied your claim and to establish how we'll pay out your benefits, if necessary.

3. Payment

We'll make the payment in accordance with the terms we establish with you or those of your insurance policy.

1. To claim prescription drug fees online, please check your payment card. If the term DRUG COVERAGE appears on the card, you can only submit an online claim for the portion that was not covered by your card.

2. Critical illness or cancer claim forms for insurance on an account, loan, line of credit or credit card are available in Other Forms.